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Harnessing UHPC Columns

Harnessing UHPC Columns for Efficient Space Utilization

The availability of space is a critical concern in architectural and urban design. Space optimization aids in enhancing the functionality of the available space to improve efficiency, comfort, and usability.

Strategies such as reducing the size of concrete columns to increase usable area, while addressing the challenges of higher axial forces, play a crucial role in maximizing the efficiency of built environments, particularly in commercial and parking structures.

When Meraki Habitats LLP were struggling with huge column sizes of the order of 1600mm x 800mm, that too in 80 MPa grade concrete right in the middle of their commercial space in Chembur, Mumbai, UHPC India Pvt. Ltd. came to the rescue. With UHPC , the column sizes reduced to 750 mm x 750 mm in cross-section allowing for greater space utilization and better visuality in the department store area.

While the use of UHPC material in terms of volume may be low, such use not only solves critical problems but also adds overall value to the end use of space, which is so important in a city like Mumbai.