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Quick Decision Making with UHPC Saves the Wedding Day!!

Mumbai metropolitan area’s suburban hoteliers, GCC Hotel and Club, are well known for hosting wedding banquets. With growth in business post Covid, they decided to build an additional twelve-storey tower adjoining their existing towers. The bottom-most storey was planned as a grand 9m high banquet hall. The winter session of the wedding season in India starts from mid-November and the owners wanted the banquet hall to be ready at that point for business. In fact, they went ahead and sold the dates out for the new banquet hall. The piling work started in August 2022 and the owners realized very soon that going with the conventional construction method, it will not be possible to meet the deadline. 

The conventional scheme involved cast-in-place construction with the ceiling slab of the banquet hall having 16m long post-tensioned normal concrete beams spaced at 4m on centers and continuous one-way reinforced concrete slab running between the beams. There was hardly any time to put together the formwork and the shoring system for the floor, let along wait for the concrete in the beams to gain strength for post-tensioning, and then remove the entire formwork.

UHPC came to the rescue at that point. UHPC India® team sat down with the owners and the architects and put-together a plan to use precast UHPC I girders and precast RC slabs for this one floor. These could be erected using a crane and then stitched together compositely using cast-in-place UHPC at the joints. The plan was accepted. While the piling work and then the column, and shearwalls were cast-in-place, the precasting of the UHPC girders and the RC slabs was completed adjacent to the project site. The UHPC girders with high initial strength gain were post-tensioned at the ground level and within a period of two and a half days the entire erection work was completed using a mobile crane. An extra day was used for the UHPC stitching work. The site was then immediately handed over to the Interior designers, who also pushed hard, and the banquet hall had its first wedding reception on the 26th of November 2022. It was amazing as to how UHPC along with quick decision making by the open-minded owners along with smart work by the entire project team made the project possible in a short duration of time and saved the wedding day! 

Fun Facts about the project:

  • Readily available formwork for a 19m long UHPC girder was used instead of ordering a new formwork, which saved time.
  • The UHPC was mixed on-site in ready mix transit mixers and poured into the formwork directly through the chute.
  • The UHPC had a one-day strength of 60 MPa and a three-day strength of 100 MPa, and hence the post-tensioning of the beams could be expedited.
  • This was the general contractor’s first precast job on a floor system, that too precast on-site.